Powerful Effects

Painless, All Natural

Unlike other treatments in the market, ProPulse™ does not hide behind hidden protocols or “Proprietary Information”. 

The top medical journals say that our physician-scientist devised, all-natural methodology is powerful, painless, safe, and effective.

This ensures that you can have ProPulse™ with complete confidence!

No Prescription Needed

ProPulse™ is applied at a certified provider’s office

No Referral Needed From Your Doctor

Surgery Free

No preparation, no down time, no recovery time. You can perform the night of the procedure.

Drug Free

No prescription necessary. The technology gives you everything you need to perform.

No Scheduling

No more having to time when you take the medication so that it works when you need it.


Propulse™ is an external treatment so no need to worry about infections or recovery time.


Comfortable procedure performed with a numbing gel to make it a truly painless experience.

Long-Lasting Effects

Enduring benefit up to 36 months of on-demand, rigid erections and sexual performance.


Short treatment sessions of 15 to 20 minutes so that you can have it done over lunch.

Immediate Use

No down time so that you can begin enjoying your restored performance immediately.

Side Effect Free

No dangerous interactions with any medications. No worrying about unwanted harmful effects.

Come in, take care of it.

ProPulse™ is the breakthrough medical treatment for men with Erectile Dysfunction or any man seeking science-backed male sexual enhancement.

Make an appointment, get diagnosed and we’ll do the easy, painless treatments for you. Then, enjoy better performance, closer relationships, and a sense of restored vitality.

No obligation, no embarrassment.

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With Tissue Activation Technology For

Maximum Potency

Male Enhancement


#1 Doctor Recommended

The ProPulse™ painless triple action technology has been proven in peer-reviewed, scientific journals to improve sexual health and energy.

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