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Sexual Health & Performance


Acoustic Pulse Wave Therapy

For Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

ProPulse™ is a medical therapy for erectile dysfunction that has been devised to restore normal male vitality, virility and vigor.

ProPulse™ enriches penile tissues with pro-sexual nutrients that work synergistically to activate the genital area and boost sexual stamina, increase staying power, and help you regain your normal sexual confidence.

ProPulse’s™ multiple mechanisms of action naturally elevate the effect of tissue testosterone levels that help restore your sex drive and libido. In addition, penile tissues are nourished with increasing blood flow to help achieve rock hard erections on demand.

Enjoy more intense and passionate love-making relations that are sure to leave you and your partner more satisfied!

Independent clinical scientific studies on the components used in ProPulse™ have proven effective for treating Erectile Dysfunction and male sexual health.

Erection Rigidity
Improved 79%
Erections On Demand
Improved 88%
Frequency of Erections
Improved 93%

The science behind

ProPulse™ Acoustic Pulse Therapy

ProPulse’s™ technology has been independently proven to treat erectile dysfunction, replenish sexual energy stores, ramp up testosterone levels, and reduce performance anxiety. In combination, these benefits make ProPulse™ a comprehensive male performance system for erectile dysfunction. 


ProPulse’s™ is a component of Male Vitality Center’s mix of targeted low-intermittent sound wave therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement, and platelet-rich plasma for treating erectile dysfunction and enhancing male sexual performance. 

Recently ProPulse™ has become available to the public without the need of a prescription or a referral from your doctor. A testimony to its safety, efficacy, and its no side effects guarantee.

Reversal of Erectile Dysfunction in 80% of Men Tested

Supported by the Medical Literature

The latest peer-reviewed clinical research studies have found that all of the men treated with the medical protocol on which ProPulse™ is based showed some improvement in their ability to gain an erection.

In fact, 80% of men with ED receiving the ProPulse™-like medical protocol saw a reversal of their condition, and 86% of all men report positive results and improved sexual performance. Some men even reported they were completely cured of ED.

Low-intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment Improves Erectile Function: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

” These studies suggest that LI-ESWT could significantly improve the IIEF and EHS of ED patients. “

Men’s Power-Pressure Wave Erectile Regeneration-Therapy: An Early Assessment

” Non-invasive low intensity shockwave therapy (LISWT) has been shown to significantly improve erectile function in men previously PDE5i dependent. “

Efficiency Assessment of Shock Wave Therapy in Patients with Pelvic Pain Employing Harmonic Analysis of Penile Bioimpedance

” …the positive clinical results of the treatment suggest that the changes of this parameter reflect the state of erection, which was improved in most patients. “

How ProPulse™ Works

To Support Male Sexual Health

Pain-free, clinically proven and non-invasive using all-natural high frequency acoustic shockwave, pulse activation therapy to enhance natural sexual performance. ProPulse™ revolutionizes the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Health of the
Corpora Cavernosa

The treatment increases blood flow into the corpora cavernosa, improving blood flow to the penis and generating more intense and enduring erections.


ProPulse™ also facilitates the use of natural, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that is mainly responsible for your normal libido, the male sex drive. Your testosterone also has a strong influence on the rigidity of erections and, the quality and length of orgasms.


When sufficiently filled with blood, the corpora cavernosa generate impressive erections. To maximize this process your body must produce new cells more quickly. ProPulse™ works to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels and enrich existing tissue with new tissue forming molecules known to aid in this process.

Energy and

Furthermore, the ProPulse™ system stimulates the rich release of substances that help to energize local tissues so that you can enjoy your new power and virility as long as you like.

Benefits of ProPulse™

Male Vitality Booster

Reactivated SEX DRIVE & LIBIDO

ProPulsereplenishes testosterone levels and energy stores to naturally re-ignite passion and desire, elevating your sex drive and libido.


ProPulse boosts blood flow to the tissues in penis, helping you achieve more rigid, stronger, and longer-lasting erections, on-demand.


ProPulse improves the penis’s blood holding capacity, delaying ejaculation to help you last as long as you need during sexual encounters.


Properly using the effects of ProPulse leads to successful delivery of blood to the penis, which has been shown to help increase penis size.


What makes ProPulse™ different from other “miracle treatments” in the market, is its potent and all natural technology. You just can’t get safer and more natural than pulsed wave therapy. The constituting components of ProPulse™ work synergistically to target and treat the most common male sexual health concerns.

This makes ProPulse™ a comprehensive male enhancement system!

Powerful Effects

Painless, All Natural

Unlike other treatments in the market, ProPulse™ does not hide behind hidden protocols or “Proprietary Information”. 

The top medical journals say that our physician-scientist devised, all-natural methodology is powerful, painless, safe, and effective.

This ensures that you can have ProPulse™ with complete confidence!

No Prescription Needed

ProPulse™ is applied at a certified provider’s office

No Referral Needed From Your Doctor

Surgery Free

No preparation, no down time, no recovery time. You can perform the night of the procedure.

Drug Free

No prescription necessary. The technology gives you everything you need to perform.

No Scheduling

No more having to time when you take the medication so that it works when you need it.


Propulse™ is an external treatment so no need to worry about infections or recovery time.


Comfortable procedure performed with a numbing gel to make it a truly painless experience.

Long-Lasting Effects

Enduring benefit up to 36 months of on-demand, rigid erections and sexual performance.


Short treatment sessions of 15 to 20 minutes so that you can have it done over lunch.

Immediate Use

No down time so that you can begin enjoying your restored performance immediately.

No Side Effects

No dangerous interactions with any medications. No worrying about unwanted harmful effects.

Come in, take care of it.

ProPulse™ is the breakthrough medical treatment for men with Erectile Dysfunction or any man seeking science-backed male sexual enhancement.

Make an appointment, get diagnosed and we’ll do the easy, painless treatments for you. Then, enjoy better performance, closer relationships, and a sense of restored vitality.


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