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Patient - David S.

Local Expert - 16 Reviews - 4 Photos


- 2 weeks ago

"As I got older I noticed I wasn't getting aroused as much as I was before… I still loved my wife and I still loved being intimate with her but but my erections just weren't as hard as they used to be. I even would get nervous cause I've heard about guys who actually broke their penis because they weren’t hard enough during sex. So I did some research and found Male Vitality Center and the ProPulse system. After a few treatments I noticed that my erection was harder and that made me more confident. Believe me, my wife noticed too!"

Patient - Tim B.

Local Expert - 18 Reviews - 14 Photos


- 1 month ago

“When my wife died my interest in sex was gone for quite a while. Then I met this wonderful lady named Bonnie and she rekindled my interest. Unfortunately, because of age and some meds I’m on for diabetes and blood pressure my erections weren’t too good. So I tried a medication, it gave me a pounding headache - talk about ruining the mood. I was about to give up, but then Bonnie found some information on the ProPulse method. I was skeptical but I figured I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did! I feel like I’m thirty again, and Bonnie and I are one happy couple!"

Patient - Horatio M.

Local Expert - 22 Reviews - 7 Photos


- 3 weeks ago

“I’ve been on blood pressure meds since my thirties, and it's always affected my ability to have an erection. I just thought that was what I had to live with – using medication for erections even though they gave me an annoying sinus congestion. Then a friend confided in me that he had gone to Male Vitality center and that the treatment stopped his relying on medications. What a game changer!"

Patient - Mike M.

Local Expert - 46 Reviews - 28 Photos


- 3 weeks ago

"I feel like the king of the prom again."

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